Computer Preventive Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Reduces Failures and Prolongs System Life.

Just as changing the oil in your car’s engine prolongs the life of your vehicle, Preventative Maintenance by Penta extends the life of your Computer System and reduces the chances of unexpected failures.

When you become an Penta customer, a Preventative Maintenance Schedule is developed with recommended procedures to be performed during each Preventative Service Call. Penta technical personnel will work with your staff to plan preventative for you. This plan will encompass the unique needs of your Computer's.

Once the schedule is in place, Penta's field service technicians will quarterly perform maintenance procedures that will ensure uniform and complete preventative care. Penta can also conduct physical audits of your Computer's during preventative maintenance calls, which may reduce your insurance rates.

Preventative Maintenance is just another way that Penta answers the call for superior service.