On Call Contract

The Service Contract is for maintaining the Computer Hardware, Software of SMB Organizations. Penta IT is pleased to provide On Call Services (the “Service” or “Services”) in accordance with this Service Description. 

This Service provides Customers with Telephone Support to help answer common questions about Computers Products and Pay As You Need of services. 
Services include: 
  • Telephone 
  • Remote  
  • On-site support 
Issues related to Software, Networking, Third-party software, Virus or Malware, Data and security for Supported Products on a per incident basis, as set forth on Customer’s invoice. We have blended our qualitative service with the latest technology to offer our customers a competitive edge.

On–Call Contract 

Charges per Problem
No Replacement of Spares
Low-Priority Compared to AMC
Ideal for Budgeted User

On–Call Package 

User friendly package
Discounted rates for Call
Fixed rate for any type of Call
Ideal for SOHO (Small Office & Home User) More ...