OS Installation & Data Transfer

This home installation service helps get your Computer system back to an operational state by installing a fresh Operating System. If possible we will back-up and restore your important data files, music and video files, email
and ISP settings, address book, and internet favourites. We will also reconnect you to the Internet and attach the desired peripherals. 

Designed to save you time and possible aggravation, a Service Engineer will visit your home at a date and time you choose to get your PC operational again.

When placing an order we will schedule a service appointment with you then and there for a convenient date and time. Our services are available on-site between 11am-7pm, Monday to Friday. Weekend service is available 11am to 4pm (excluding local national holidays). In the unlikely event we are unable to arrive at your home within the agreed timeslot we will call you on the day and reschedule the visit.

At Home

Re-install the operating system and configure any required drivers
Back-up a maximum of 1 gigabytes (or 1 CD/DVD) of your data files to a CD/DVD
Restore your emails, Microsoft® Office documents, media files, ISP settings, address book/contacts list, and Internet favourites

How does this benefit me?

This service is performed in the comfort of your own home, on a day and timeslot you choose
We will install, set up, configure / restore your Computer system