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There are numbers of categories in CAT Cables, standard cable for voice and data is CAT5e - where e stands for enhanced.

Data can transmit upto 200Mbps with CAT 5e (568A-5), Newer standards CAT6 capable of transmitting data at 600 Mbps EIA/TIA 568B and CAT 7 capable of running at 1000Mbps, yet to be officially standardized are being proposed but have not yet been officially ratified. 

Our data cabling recommends that you consider network cabling infrastructure of at least the CAT5e standard, to ensure your computer network continues to meet your needs well into the future. 

Cable Types 

There are three main types of cable used in structured cabling installations: UTP, ScTP and fibre optic

Most computer networks are cabled using UTP or 'unshielded twisted pair' as it is a versatile product capable of supporting most system and network protocols. 

ScTP or 'screened twisted pair is used in place of UTP in environments where there is high ambient noise or electro-magnetic interference, for example hospitals and military bases or government type secure installations 

Fiber optic cable is used for high speed, high bandwidth applications. Fibre cable is available in two formats, Single-mode, widely used in telephony and multimode suitable for network communications. Multi-mode fiber is capable of handling large bandwidth with high speed data transmission and is compact and easy to install.

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