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Ethernet Over Power

EoP is mainly use where network cable doesn't reached !!

No, this isn't Power over Ethernet - that's when you run electricity to devices via the cables you're already using to send signals to them. This is the flip side - where you run Ethernet signals over the electrical wiring in your house.

This is an interesting alternative to running a wireless network throughout your home. The kit comes with two PowerLine adapters. You stick one adapter into an electrical socket and stick the second adapter into a different socket. Just like that, you have a long Ethernet cable running through your house or building.

You could plug an Internet-connected router into one adapter and an Ethernet-capable device into the other adapter, and they're connected. The range of Ethernet-capable devices available out there is growing, as home networking becomes more prevalent. So, you could see this connecting to a television, game console or other device.