PAY AS YOU GO - Software Service Support

PENTA IT Pay As You Go (PAYG) support offers either Remotely or On-Site 'on demand' Service Support charged at a simple hourly rate. Clients only pay for the time actually used supporting their systems. 


Pay As You Go software service support keeps things simple—you just pay for the time you use! Charged at a simple hourly (or daily) rate, Pay As You Go support allows you to control all costs with no unnecessary overheads.

Pay As You Go support services provide in flexible hours of normal office hours —allowing customers to match the service to their business needs and the service offers a choice of remote-only or on-site-inclusive options, including access to the Penta IT Help Desk via telephone or email.

Pay As You Go support is ideal for clients requiring Operating System assistance and maintenance tasks including system updates and security patching. 

Service Details

  • Telephone Help Desk
  • Remote Assistance
  • On-site call outs (option)
  • Flexible coverage times
  • Microsoft Windows
  • System updates and patches
  • Antivirus and anti-spyware updates
  • Other miscellaneous IT support


Minimum Rs 300 (for One Hour)
Addition Charges beyond minimum hour - Rs 200/ Per hour


Mix and Match gives you the freedom to convert PAYG to FLAT charges choose the plan that best fits your needs. 

For example, for Laptop fresh installation you have chosen to go with PAYG, the engineer was engaged in driver downloading beyond three hours then you can covert the call charges into FLAT Charges which is Rs 800. 

Note: PAYG is only for Desktop, Laptop and Server. (Not for Printer and Monitor)