SMS Gateway and Bulk SMS Solutions

We offers your business complete end-to-end bulk SMS solutions for developing and deploying real-time SMS notification and data access applications that dramatically reduce time-to-decision and improves service value to customers. 

Our Bulk SMS Packages as below.

Transactional SMS - DND Open Route with 6 Chr Sender ID

 Package    Credits Amount Validity Per SMS 
 Bronze10,000 Rs 1600 Unlimited Rs: 0.160 
 Silver50,000 Rs 7000 Unlimited Rs: 0.140 
 Gold1,00,000 Rs 12,000 Unlimited Rs: 0.120 

* Please note that every 160 characters of SMS constitutes 1 SMS Unit. If the number of characters in your message exceeds the 160 limit (e.g.170 characters), it will be counted as 2 SMS Units. To send 1 SMS Unit you need 1 Credit.

No set-up fees or subscription charges. 
1 Credit = 1 Message; to any destination, including Interconnect fees. 
All prices are inclusive of all.

Register and start sending SMS via Computer or Integrate with your Software.

Sender ID

Change the Sender ID (From-ID / Originator) of messages from your account to a phone number or an 'alpha string' of up to 08 Characters. This can be used to 'Brand' messages with your company identity. Alpha SenderID from your approved list of SenderID's to be used for GSM / CDMA Recipients.

Bulk SMS Features:

  • Application can send text messages to lots of mobile numbers at the same time.
  • Mobile message sending Application can send unlimited text messages from PC to mobile phones.
  • Grouping Functionality
  • Import of Address book from csv, text files.
  • Single click SMS delivery to thousands's of numbers.
  • Unlimited Sender ID's
  • Unicode SMS support (Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Chinese etc., up to 70 characters per SMS)
  • SMS Scheduling (Sending SMS at a designated time)
  • Online Address Book
  • Online Group Management
  • Delivery notification
  • Free Chat/Email/Telephone Support
  • All India Coverage including Private GSM (Airtel, Vodafone, Orange, Idea, BPL, Aircel, Spice, Reliance Telecom), BSNL+MTNL GSM & Reliance IndiaMobile CDMA (Mobile & Fixed Wireless Phones - FWP) & Tata Indicom CDMA (Mobile & Fixed Wireless Phones - FWP).
  • No SetUp Cost. Pay only the per SMS cost.
  • Connect using Web based System, HTTP API, SMPP.
  • Set Your Number or Your Name as the Sender.
  • Delivery Status Reports & Instant Delivery.
  • All India GSM + CDMA Coverage including BSNL and Reliance IndiaMobile & Tata Indicom.
  • No Monthly Fixed Commitment.

Bulk SMS Marketing Benefits:

  • Low Commercial Cost
  • Low Development Cost
  • Content Delivery Instantly
  • Direct Marketing (1 to 1)
  • Highly Reachable
  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Additional Revenue Generation
  • Time to Market
  • Efficiency
  • Accountability Ease of Use